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5月 29, 2009, 4:15 pm
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Chiken was raw inside...cannot eat it

 We ordered food to go at Chili’s near UCLA for our lunch today. When we’re about to eat, we realized that one of the foods was different from what we ordered.  And then when I cut my Ranch Chicken Sandwtich to share with my friend, I noticed that chicken was not cooked. We’re very disappointed and called Chili’s to talk to a manager.  Of course, Chili’s gave us our money back and also gave us right order and cooked chicken sandwitch.  I appreciate that but the thing is that we have limited lunch time. I wasted 40 minutes just to go to Chili’s and come back to the hospital twice.  When I got my rightly cooked food, I did not have time to eat it anymore but had to go back to work.  So I end up eating cold chicken sandwich after 2pm.  Lunch is usually something we enjoy and look forward to, but not today.


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