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6月 30, 2010, 8:36 pm
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 I got this scar from Kinta yesterday when he got into water.  This is not all.  I have more scars on my left arm and right thigh.  He was scared so he put his paws around me.  I believe Todd has big ones on his arm and chest, too.  Price we paid for Kinta’s joy of swimming.

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6月 29, 2010, 5:30 pm
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 Yesterday’s swimming training was not successful.  I wanted to push Kinta more but Todd did not want to.  Today I took Kinta back to the pool.  At the beginning he did not want to get into the water but once he got in and swam a couple of minutes, he realized it was not bad at all. He swam back and force many times and did not come out of  water for a while.  






 Kinta came out of the pool for 5 minutes or so to take a break.  But when I threw a toy in, he jumped in to retrieve it.  I saw a little hesitation there but what’s important was he went into water without being forced.  After that, he demanded me to throw this toy for a good 20 times or more.  Oh my shoulder….. 



 When we were leaving, Kinta seemed to be confident about swimming and getting into water.  I won’t be able to take him to swim tomorrow because of my work but maybe Thursday, I will try again.  Hey, it’s good exercise for me, too.

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6月 28, 2010, 4:22 pm
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 Our next door neighbor left for 3 weeks vacation.  Thanks to their kindness, we’re going to use their pool this summer. We were hoping that Kinta will be able to swim but we kind a felt miserable after a while.  Kinta was afraid to go into the water.



 Contrary to our expectation, Makiba showed us that he could swim.  I could not believe that this was his first time to swim.  He swam very gracefully.



 Only first few seconds he splashed water.  Then he swam smoothly from end to end.  Good job, Makiba.  You’ve been a little chubby lately so this will be a good exercise for you.



 We had to force Kinta to get into the water.  We made him swim a couple of times but he was not into it.  He’s wearing his life jackets but it seemed that all he could think about was to jump out of the pool.  Well, we have 3 weeks.  One step at a time.



 Though we did not take a picture, Azuki was also able to swim.  She’s  7 yrs and 9 month old and this was her first pool.  She did not swim as much as Makiba but she was a good swimmer, too.



 I hope Kinta will be able to enjoy swimming soon.  Not just being able to swim but being able to enjoy swimming.  My goal is that Kinta will jump in water of his own accord.

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6月 27, 2010, 7:13 pm
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Not today’s picture. The other weekend at dog park with my favorite girl, Rita.



When Todd and I were thinking about getting a German Shepherd puppy, Todd wanted a boy. I wanted a girl. So Rita is kind of my ideal GSD girl. She’s very gentle and yet very cool, especially the way she runs!



If Kinta was not neutered, I would like to have a girl like Rita as Kinta’s girl friend. Well since we have met at dog park, that means Rita was also spayed. So it’s just my wild fancy.



I am just happy to see Kinta and Rita together like this. Unless we bring Kinta to dog park, he does not have any opportunity to play with large size dogs. So we should take him to dog park every weekend.

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6月 27, 2010, 6:53 pm
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 Today we had a Memorial Service for the families who lost their children in our hospital in past several years.  I was invited back to be a keynote speaker.  When I stood at the podium, I could see everybody.  familiar faces wiping their tears bought me heart aches.  I haven’t seen some of them for a long time but it was very nice to see them today.  I was glad to know that they have been living their life cherishing sweet memories of their precious children in their hearts.  Thank you for having me today.

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6月 26, 2010, 4:58 pm
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Kinta, still a puppy, always wants to play. He has a good day if Makiba plays with him. Now Kinta tries to get Makiba play with him. Kinta flatters, if he needs to.



Kinta follows Makiba everywhere and tries to get attention from him to play with but success rate is barely 50/50.



Makiba continues to ignore Kinta’s invitation. Makiba, you’d better play with your BIG little brother.



Yes, Kinta is stalking Makiba.



Finally Kinta got Makiba’s attention. Patience and persistance. Good job. When I was little, I used to follow my big sister wanting her to play with me. Kinta, I understand. I’ve been there.

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6月 26, 2010, 11:16 am
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 This morning, Todd found Azuki in a cage with poops everywhere.  Todd took care of towels and I took care of cage.  After bathing Azuki, I gave her Flagyl.  She has good appetite and seems to be fine, so we will observe her for a few days.  Hopefully we don’t have to take her to vet. 




 Makiba, our happy-go-lucky involuntary therapy dog is not too happy about his little brother, Kinta, that has big body and bigger attitude.  Makiba had his nail clipped under my compulsion this morning.  What a weekend to start with! 



  Okay pooches.  Sorry about this morning.  I hope you two have a good Saturday afternoon.

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